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Operations and Strategic Management advisor consulting to clients in Packaging, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Retail sectors. Experienced business operator of over 25 years including 14 years of experience at Board Director level. Deep understanding of imperative business productivity measures, essential team development and delivery of sustainable profit strategies. Experience in the organics, circular economy and sustainability fields. Nationally recognised as award recipient of the APCO National Sustainability Champion 2020


I have been fortunate to gain over 25 years experience in Commercial Operations and best practice across a number of leading businesses in various sectors. This broad experience has allowed

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me to build amazing and dynamic teams and take them with me on journeys to increase our bond as colleagues while achieving great advances in improved results and new opportunities. I love to engage in resilient thinking, strategic planning, risk analysis and emerging sustainability opportunities as industry integrates into a circular economy. As a senior business leader and experienced Non Executive Director of several Boards, I am always enthusiastic to engage and collaborate for great outcomes. Through proven results, I can advise your business about the importance of actively creating a strong and satisfied internal team, leading to the improvement of productivity and profitability and dedication to an underpinning strategy of strong supply partnerships built on honesty, vulnerability and respect for mutual success. 

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Elliott is a skilled and experienced Agricultural consultant with special interest in optimising growers’ production systems to meet both personal and business objectives. As a young professional, I am motivated by seeking new challenges, learning, and working in an intellectually stimulating environment that fosters growth, innovation and accomplishment which serves as a necessity towards realizing my potential, achieving corporate and industry growth.

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Dr Marco Barsanti has gained extensive experience in the Biotech sector after a Bachelor in Science, a Diploma in Biochemistry and a Master in Science from European Institutions. Marco moved to Australia after being awarded 2 scholarships from Monash University to complete his PhD in Immunology which was submitted in 2016. Since 2014, Marco has been working for leading multinational Biotech companies and is currently employed as Bio-Rad Laboratories Pacific Regional Sales Manager. Marco has won various business awards during his career and his expertise ranges from Business, Sales and Marketing to Coaching and Soft Skill Training, to Market Strategy and People management.

Marco is currently tasked with all the admin, finance and HR functions of MMGN Consulting by taking care of all the accountancy, tax-related matters, HR onboarding of new employees, customers and suppliers as well insurance, payroll and company tax setup and day to day management of all the outgoings and incomings.

Conflict of Interest Disclaimer: Dr Marco Barsanti is unable to consult or provide any service or expertise to any company or entity that has direct or indirect business that affects or in any way influences his ongoing employer, Bio-Rad Laboratories.

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James graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Juris Doctor. Before joining MMGN Consulting James has worked in various advisory roles within Australia’s leading banks and law firms. As he has worked for organisations on both sides of the consultant-client relationship, he has a nuanced understanding of each side’s needs with a strong ability to prioritise key issues and present this information in an accessible format. James is passionate about providing you the exact analysis you need to actualise your commercial goals. 

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