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Speaking the same language?

Recently we have been helping a new client build workflows and strengthen interdependencies between internal departments to improve their satisfaction as a group and the outcomes of their work together. Have you ever considered that although your workforce might all speak the same official language, very few of us all share the same meaning!

These days many of us have such diverse experiences, cultural heritage and aspirations for the future, that our communication styles and the things we mean to convey can actually seem straight forward as individuals but in fact be interpreted very differently. This can lead to team breakdown and silos from misunderstanding which do not allow everyone's best efforts to combine.

At MMGN we've had a great sense of satisfaction helping senior teams to learn more about each other's backgrounds, styles and vulnerability help bring together the combined outcome discussions everyone needs to be a part of the get the best workflows and achieve the stated aims of the business they work in. Get in touch with us to help build your best ever commercial team.

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