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Managing external business relationships - a critical part of high performance.

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

What are your supplier relationships like? Is there a mutual trust and open communication about needs, opportunities and the ability to face both the difficult truths and the great times together in strength? Our experience in this area has enabled trust and far stronger value to be built between supplier, distributor and retailer partners in the chain of supply.

There are so many points along this line that if handled simply and with total honesty will produce huge productivity and profitability improvements. One of the strongest and most critical pieces in the success of any business is the often under appreciated area of Relationship Management.

All of our team are familiar with and experienced using vulnerability to build vital trust and transparency to enable strong outcomes. If you;ve never watched someone like Brene Brown talk about these things, then start there and contact us next for application in your commercial model. See the difference and gain full value for every dollar you invest in inward and outward goods bought and sold. We'd love to sow you where the extra profit already sits in your operation!

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