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The Importance of Interconnectivity

Recently we keep seeing examples with our clients of the need to practice active team listening and integrate a group approach to any new business rules and ideas so that a complete set of workflows is always considered before new policy can have an unanticipated consequence. For example, a new product innovation designed and sourced for sale to customers needs to be discussed and evaluated for good outcome, by every department or operative that might be impacted by the change.

Many of our clients encounter problems that decrease their profitability by forgetting to consider the vital interconnections that exist between business tasks and communication.

Designing, Marketing and selling tickets to a special event for example, without checking that there are enough kitchen staff employed to meet the needs of the business to deliver as promised. Or a free redemption offer promoted in the market at one of the busiest times of year that leads to overall delays in delivery of all outbound stock and lowers customer satisfaction for the entire operation.

These are easy and all too common mistakes that unplanned decision making can bring about. Creating problems inside your business is never helpful and aside from the potential damage to your external reputation will often also lead to demotivation of your whole workforce. Put together, these two forces can destroy an entire business!!.

Arrange a meeting with us at MMGN and let us show you the steps we can take together to untangle work arounds, improve go to market planning and lift business satisfaction for your team AND Your Customers.

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