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The Power 
of Good Advice

Taking your business to the next level of people, performance and profitability.

Convenience Costs Money

Ever thought about how much easier it is to let a few things slide or shift a problem from one place to another in your business so you can hope it sorts itself out easily somehow? We work everyday with our clients to help them map a path from loose at the edges to making every challenge their opportunity! Let us help you take a critical look at what might have slipped off your radar only to be a problem looming in the future. We're great at this stuff and our MMGN Consulting experience will help you see your strategy much more clearly. We know how to get you back on top of lurking problems and empower you with a staff that get great satisfaction from their work. Satisfied people and a strong culture of responsibility will deliver a stronger and clearer core business. Convenience costs but good strategy PAYS.



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

We provide proven strategic management of your business plan and HR functions. 

Business & People Strategy

Ever really wondered where you can turn to for confidential straightforward and dependable advice on managing your business better and adopting new sustainability measures? If you have systems or practices that you know should deliver better profit or outcomes but the changes need outside eyes or independant input, then give MMGN a call. We provide a team of trusted listeners and strategic planners and our aim is to help your business overcome shortfalls through proven strategic management practices and handing you better control of your business plan and HR functions.

Out in the "Field" of crop production, we excel at bringing commercial principles to any production operation and can help improve logistics, overheads, sustainability and agronomy practices to what you do. We have extensive experience in combination sustainability measures, workflow planning for profit improvement and If soil and plant health play a critical role in the future success of your business, we have the skills and qualified professionals to help you mitigate risk and maximise reward.

Agronomies of Scale

If soil and plant health play a critical role in your business, we have the skills to help you mitigate risk and maximise reward.

Every business model ultimately has to rely on a strong admin process and compliance to achieve full success. We know and understand that many developing businesses and their owners want to focus less on Admin and more on the DOING! At MMGN one of our specialities is meeting with you to understand the business admin, invoicing or payment side of things that we can perform the way you need it without taking time from the way you want to operate and run the business. Stop drowning in paperwork, or avoiding it and let us do that part for you. We are great at putting satisfaction back into your business and helping you build success.

Effective Administration & Strategy

Stop drowning in paperwork, or avoiding it.


We’re Good with Numbers


Years of Experience


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Industry Sectors

Our numbers show you a quick slice of how we can help you to grow and peform in your business. Our clients are some industry leading manufacturers and producers and can attest to our abilities.  We would love you to join their ranks. 



“great to work with... they have helped to build new and stronger operations team”




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